Swedish Telecom has recently completed the setup of their new office in the key hub city of Malaga, Spain. This transition into what is now being dubbed as the Silicon Valley of the Mediterranean is expected to further elevate the company’s reputation in the IT industry as they make a very timely grand entrance into the global markets.

In a bold but not necessarily unexpected move, the Swedish IT giant has just opened a new office in Malaga, the key port city of Andalusia in the southern part of Spain. This inauguration will be highly valuable in the company’s bid to gain exposure to the technological perspective of Europe and to foster new business relations with other multinationals in the IT field.

According to Swedish Telecom’s management, the company’s primary objective with the expansion is to offer their world-class consulting service to the other technology firms that have been establishing their business in this up and coming digital centre in Europe. 

“We are excited to fulfil the needs and demands of new clients in the region by offering our experience and knowledge in diverse areas of technology, particularly in senior specialist consultancy and interim projects, thus playing our part in turning the vision of Malaga Silicon Valley into reality.”

Why Malaga?

A lot of new technology hubs have been sprouting all over the world but Swedish Telecom believes that there is no better choice than Malaga for several outstanding reasons. 

As a major port city, Malaga has always been a business-centred environment rife with global opportunities. It has a reputation for maturing business, from local start-ups to internationally known corporations like Vodafone, Google, AWS, Ericsson, TDK, and many more. The city’s long-term plans for development and carefully considered strategy for economic diversification also make them a very viable option for businesses like Swedish Telecom that want to branch out into the global market. 

In addition, the physical location of the city is also ideal for hosting business events, conferences, seminars, and so on. It is very accessible from anywhere in the world by air, by sea or by land. Accommodations are plentiful and affordable. Also, the gorgeous views of the sea and other tourist attractions, plus the golden sunshine all year round do not do any harm either. Taking all these into consideration, choosing Malaga as the location for Swedish Telecom’s new office is really a no-brainer. 

Josef Vidstrom, Swedish Telecom’s CEO, has explicitly stated that the company is looking to hire an extensive line-up of Spanish and international senior experts for the new Malaga office. They are also hoping to entice new local and international clients to experience their consultancy service and hopefully build a long-term working relationship with Swedish Telecom. 

The IT company’s new office will be officially launched on the 13th of June just before the annual 3-day Digital Enterprise Show begins on the 13th of June in the historical centre of Malaga. 

About Swedish Telecom 

Founded in 2004, Swedish Telecom has been providing top quality IT consultancy services to organizations and the public all over the world. Their expertise lies in delivering innovative solutions to system integrators, operators, vertical companies, IT departments, and data centres, specifically in the global Smart City and IoT space. 

Swedish Telecom is a Swedish-owned company that practices traditional Swedish business ethics. Over the span of 18 years in the industry, they have built a strong and productive business relationship with over 200 very satisfied customers.  This is truly a reflection of their professionalism and the superior quality of their service.  

Not only are they 100% committed to providing the best possible IT services, but they also remain focused on assuring high quality and proficient customer services. All these elements combined make Swedish Telecom stand out relentlessly.