Swedish Telecom once again beats the competitors and stands out as the chosen one by the multinational corporate group. Glorifying its trusted reputation in the IT industry, Swedish Telecom has signed an agreement to relocate the said corporation’s data centres across all the Scandinavian countries.

The largest group of IT experts of Swedish Telecom is all sleeved up to take over the project from the initial stage to the final implementation.

Starting in 2004 in Uppsala, Sweden, “Swedish Telecom” has been leaving its footprints in the various areas of Information and technology. Though the company has no affiliations with the Swedish Government, Swedish Telecom continues to work with broadband operators, utility companies, suppliers, and national and local government bodies. In addition to this, having its branches in Spain and Hong Kong is self-reflective that the company has already earned a good name inside and outside Sweden.

The company is best known for its unmatched data center relocation services by creating a detailed project plan, communicating requirements, and having the right resources in place.

But Swedish Telecom is just more than that.

The company offers real-world-focused consultancy to operators, system integrators, data centers, and vertical companies in the IoT space.

Swedish Telecom has all the technology solutions and smart business strategies for network design, cloud services, smart city security and data center relocation. The FTTH development, data collocations. Data center relocation, migration and optimization are some of the other worth-mentioning highlights of the company.

The interdisciplinary and customer-driven approach of Swedish Telecom makes them a highly-trusted organization for all the services mentioned above and more.

Want to keep your business at the forefront, take the opportunity of hiring state-of-the-art services from Swedish Telecom. They have professional teams of consultants and developers who match your specifications and exceed your expectations.

Swedish Telecom has already come a long way in the run of advanced technology provision. With its new venture of the Scandinavian contract with the multinational corporate group, Swedish Telecom is optimistic about sustaining the same service quality, credibility, and trust of its new partner.