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Our team of consultants is trusted by companies worldwide for their expertise in broadband solutions, transformation management and particularly the development and expansion of IoT & Data Centers


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Optical Networks

SwedishTelecom designs develop and support telecom service providers, independent operating companies, enterprises, and government agencies by providing end to end network access solutions.

IT Consulting

Our team of consultants is trusted by companies worldwide for their expertise in broadband solutions, particularly in FTTH and data collocations

Data Center Relocation

 We help you with  a successful data center relocation by creating a detailed project plan, communicating requirements and having the right resources in place.

Network Design

Our solutions are fully scalable, We’ll make sure your network needs are met.

Cyber Security

We design systems and solutions for all industries based on an in-depth understanding of zero-trust architectures

IoT & Smart City Security

Our smart city solutions are powered by a modern networking infrastructure platform that works with the current system with minimal disruption.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

We offer consultancy in various business areas including business strategies, technology, and data center relocation, migration and optimization.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our state-of-the-art optical solutions are exactly what your business needs in order to stay ahead of the competition. We employ the most advanced methods of optical fiber technology to create solutions that match your specifications and exceed your expectations.

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Five Spheres. One Mission.

Clients trust us because of the superior quality of our products and services. Each step of our production process complies with all global industry and environmental standards for quality and safety.


Cyber Security


Network Design




What People Are Saying

Leading the change and transformation project, upgrading existing network infrastructure and applications in the client’s environment.

We were responsible for leading and executing the whole pre-study and creating the project plan of upgrading the client’s network Migrations, upgrades, and optimizing the core infrastructure.

Change and Transformation Management Project at Refinery Company

Subsea cable project (South and North America). Due diligence, bid management, competitive tendering, contract formation and negotiation, transmission engineering, alien wave upgrades, system design, route engineering, marine installation, project management and implementation, marine maintenance and system operations. We also provide unique capabilities for implementing flexible and scalable repeaterless to ultra-long-haul undersea networks. We engineer custom-tailored systems anywhere on the planet including system testing for traditional data transport requirements, as well as scientific and oil and gas applications.

Senior Advisor

Transformation project upgrading existing network infrastructure and applications in the client’s environment. Data centre relocation with the migration of the whole business system, payment system, more than 150 servers, and FW upgrades.

Reporting to internal and external stakeholders, including roadmap and operational plan, budget, change management, requirements, prioritization, risk assessment, and mitigation planning. Leader of cross-functional teams for business- and product systems.

Transformation Management Project at European Petroleum (Interim)

The client has ~7700 employees 1200 retails under 3 brands and ~7B € in yearly turnover

Expert advice for procurement of their new nationwide network. It includes the physical and logical layout of the network, the framework of accepted standards and specifications of elements, equipment, services, protocols and functions, growth and change assumptions, and high-level operational principles and procedures.

Network architect Design SD-WAN

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