About Us

Swedish Telecom is a technology company founded in Uppsala, Sweden back in 2004. We develop fiber optic solutions for network communication applications and offer top quality consultancy in complex data center migrations and network design.

We started in the business by serving companies in Sweden and nearby European countries. Over the years, we have gradually expanded and our client base now includes large companies and government entities in many parts of the world. Our head office remains in Uppsala but we also have branch offices in Hong Kong and Malaga, Spain.

Initially, we had concentrated all our efforts on working with clients and providing them with custom solutions to help overcome a variety of technology challenges. As word spread about the efficiency and superior quality of our fiber optic products, companies started inquiring about these products. This led to the recent launch of our online shop, Swedish Telecom OPTO, where customers can purchase our very reliable, state-of-the-art digital solutions.

Today, Swedish Telecom is one of the leading global providers of fiber optic solutions in data center relocation, migration, security and consulting. We serve carriers, broadband operators, national and local governments, utility companies, suppliers, national regulators and developers from all over the world.