Swedish Telecom consulting department are experts in next-generation IT solutions. We’re leading the way with future technologies like 5G IoT.

Our professional consultants have a wealth of experience in telecom and transmission and provide services and advice in data center relocation, migration and optimization.

We work with the latest 5G technology and are ready to be part of the future Smart City with its smart functions. With the rise of the Smart City and the IoT, we’re confident that Swedish Telecom can be a welcome part of the management, design, and security of future technologies. We’re here to help integrate un-tested, secured, and qualified systems into Smart City systems, including 5G, Lora, NB, and more. What’s more, Swedish Telecom understands the complexities and risks of Smart City technology with its potential for catastrophe if unsecured. Our knowledge and experience mean that we’re at the forefront of the latest security updates and can assist in the prevention of data catastrophes and attacks.

As a large, international company, Swedish Telecom has a unique experience. Our consultants have worked on smaller-scale projects and have also been involved in designing and developing some of the largest broadband networks globally.


We divide our main areas into separate business units: Business & Strategy, Technology, and Data Center.

Business & Strategy 

This area of our business focuses on business models, business development and marketing strategies. In this area, we focus on analyzing our advisory role as well as regulatory questions. In addition, we secure funding, carry out procurement and write business agreements.



This area of our business focuses on technical consulting on IP platforms, including P2P Ethernet and GPON, and the integration and merging of OSS & Provisioning systems. Within Technology, we also have the expertise for rolling out GPON or P2P Networks. Additionally, in this area, we focus on project management, network design, specification & procurement. Finally, this section also focuses on developing and implementing technical platforms for services like IPTV, hybrid IPTV/CATV solutions, VoIP and triple-play bundling.


Data center relocation 

Many organizations approach data center relocation in the wrong way. They see the project as solely a technical endeavour that is undeserving of dedicated resources and experience in the field of data center moves. To compensate for these short-sighted decisions, organizations often seek shortcuts. Swedish Telecom does things differently. We ensure key milestones are found through a rigorous discovery process. We ask the right questions and know when to drill deeper to mitigate business risk.